Windoze iTunes tip

Just discovered this and thought it might be useful. If you get this message on starting up iTunes:

iTunes for Windows - Warning! The iTunes service for importing and burning CDs and DVDs has not been started. Please restart the service to enable burning and importing.

… the the service you need to be looking for on your machine is called "GEARSecurity". For reasons best known to themselves, Apple decided not to include this information in the help file that comes with iTunes. A shame, because the package — as far as I can tell at this stage — is otherwise excellent. What truly impressed me was the speed with which my StinkPad and the Mac "saw each other" when iTunes was loaded up. Given that the Mac only has a 3GB hard drive (!) and the StinkPad a significantly larger one, this could come in very handy when working from home…

Anyway, suffice it to say Musicmatch has left the building.

(Yes, the StinkPad has been rebuilt. Some loss of data, admin passwords not worth the disks they were written on, alas!)

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