This evening, whilst persusing my newly-recovered data courtesy of our firm's PC back-up system (a shame about my c:\java directory, but there you go…), I inadvertently clicked on a PDF file. Gah! I haven't yet optimised Acrobat Reader, so was just waiting for my hard drive to stop whirring and generally buggering about when… hang on. I got a Microsoft Windoze installer message. Riddle me this: why does attempting to open a PDF — which is associated with the Acrobat Reader executable on my machine — compel WinXP to install Windoze Journal Viewer? I am perplexed.

Unrelated reading:

Finally, Microsoft's Dave Fester: what a silly billy:

Lastly, if you use Apple's music store along with iTunes, you don't have the ability of using the over 40 different Windows Media-compatible portable music devices. When I'm paying for music, I want to know that I have choices today and in the future.

Still enjoying iTunes on the PC: along with TextPad, it almost makes using Windoze a pleasure

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