Amazing. No sooner do I get a mail from Marsee at O'Reilly telling me she's sending the new Head First book, Head First EJB Certification, and it arrives! Looks really good: more magic from Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates.

Other stuff: I've finally made a change to this site that has been on the back-burner for months: moving the referrer logging code out of a webqueryopen agent. I now use the ole' img src trick as explained in comments on Mike's site. In addition, all referrer logs are written to a separate database, keeping this site clutter-free. I've closed access to the referrers list too — I don't think it's of that much use to visitors. So let's see how this goes.

I've also been keeping an eye on the site stats. The DDN stats are logging approximately 180,000 page hits per month, from around 5,000 unique IP addresses. So thanks for dropping by!


  1. I finally got my copy yesterday… Marsee was curious as to why your copy in England arrived before my copy on the same coast!Thomas Duff#
  2. Yeah, weird isn't it? Especially as I figured couriers would be very busy in the UK at the moment (we're just getting over an unofficial postal strike).Ben Poole#
  3. Ben,

    I have just been looking at my stats for october. My page hits are about 10% of yours, but from about 25% of the unique IPs. I suppose that means readers have a bit more of a dig around at your place whereas they just read the frontpage (or feed) at mine.

    Trying to understand patterns in the referrer and stats data is fascinating. My RSS traffic is now about 70% of my total page views - the full feed is 75% of that and the slim feed the other 25%. The month before, the slim feed was 7% of the total rss.

    JustinJustin Knol#
  4. It is isn't it? I haven't checked out my RSS stats yet, but I imagine for most sites they're taking up an ever bigger slice of the pie - I know I do a lot of my surfing via the news reader!Ben Poole#

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