Are you blocked?

Got a website? One of these new-fangled hi-falutin’ rootin’ tootin’ weblogs perhaps? Well, you might want to see how your site’s categorised by SurfControl.

Test a site.

If your site falls into the “Usenet News” category, then chances are you’re blocked by a number of organisations. Bah.

Via Jon Udell.


  1. So, what if you are marked as "Computing & Internet"? Is that likely to be blocked.Ben Langhinrichs#
  2. Nope, think you’re OK. But mine was categorised as usenet, so that’s bad.

    Volker’s posted about this and he has the same problem with his site. You can opt to be re-categorised, but ultimately it’s up to SurfControl.Ben Poole#
  3. not blocked ;)Ed Brill#
  4. I noticed I was blocked for the first time when John Head said he could not get to my site from a client. I did not understand that anybody would go through the trouble blocking my site. Blocking the IP range would be even more stupid. Now I know, why he could not get there.

    However, will still let you get there. It seems to be beyond the comprehension of these blockheads to also catch synonyms. The story is now on BoingBoing and a little birdie has informed all the media outlets that are also being blocked. That should be enough for a regime change.Volker Weber#

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