Just found this:

BlueJ is an integrated Java development environment specifically aimed at teaching and learning object-oriented programming. BlueJ offers unique interaction facilities that allow the interactive creation of objects and interactive invocation and testing of individual methods.

This link is for Macs only. The app has a rather nifty-looking visualisation piece using basic UML. Other info can be found at the official site (thanks to Duane in the comments for that).

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Update: what’s even cooler about this app is that someone from my alma mater, the University of Kent at Canterbury, is working on BlueJ’s extensions architecture: Ian Utting.


  1. BlueJ is definatly not Mac only. See http://www.bluej.orgDuane#
  2. Thanks for the link - hadn't seen that one!Ben Poole#
  3. Any good online sources for learning OO with bluej ?Thorsten Ebers#

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