Computers in the workplace

Apparently, computers ‘hamper the workplace’ in Britain:

Computer systems at work are not working as they should, despite costing millions, a report says…
… Workers do not have enough guidance about technology, support staff are cut off from other staff and managers are “naive”, said the year-long study.

Sounds about right. I’ve touched on this stuff before, and I’d be interested to see whether companies do anything about this. My feeling is that they won’t — it’d cost money to address.


  1. Hi Ben,

    That's a great article to point out. I've been saying for a long time that we (the I.T. industry) are really failing the user base with systems that are too focused on the computing and not focused on sound business and reliability.

    We in the Domino world have a birds eye view of this, because we have (in my opinion) a different model. We gain a great deal of reliability from the pre-built aspects of any Domino application, and can focus much more on the business of the application. Still, overall companies are spending too much of their gross on computing systems that don't do what they should.

    I have a blog entry on my "to do" list called "Something rotten in I.T." but you've beat me to the punch on it.

    ;-)Andrew Pollack#

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