Notes 6.5 on OS X

Finally did it: got Notes 6 running on OS X again. Some time back, I had Notes 6.00 running quite happily on my old iMac with OS X 10.2. I was foolish however, and tried to get 6.03 up and running on the machine. No dice. The installer would run, and the Notes set-up process would kick in as expected, but then… nada. The thing would crash, and there was no resurrecting it. I tried trashing the Notes preferences file, plists, you name it. So I left well alone, removed all trace of Notes from my Mac, and carried on with things.

Until today. For some reason, I decided to give things another go, and it all went swimmingly. Here’s what I did, in the hope that this may assist others attempting the same. I am now running OS X 10.2.8 and Notes 6.5.

  • First, I checked my ~/Library folder and related directories for any trace of previous Notes installations (prefs files and the like). If you have anything, delete it!
  • Next up, I downloaded the 6.5 trial client from the LDD downloads area. Don’t bother with the product pages up on the IBM / LDD sites — despite repeated notification to the webmaster et al they haven’t fixed the broken Macintosh download link.
  • I got hold of my DDN ID file and stuck it in the Data directory.
  • I fixed permissions on said ID file. This is important. I copied the ID across from my Windoze machine, which meant its permissions were all wrong (related to the PC’s OS X account and not mine). I updated the file ownership details once the ID was on my Mac. This seems to be the crucial element in getting Notes running properly, and I guess I’m a dunce for not realising that sooner.
  • I fired up the Notes installer, and let it do its thing. Hmmm… why does the installer force all your other apps to quit? No need for that! Oh well.
  • Once installed, I loaded Notes and followed the configuration wizard through. I decided not to connect to a Domino box or anything like that, just acted as if I had a disconnected installation. YMMV with this, but I find I have more control over things when I do it this way.
  • I opened up the up local address book and set up location documents etc. (A virgin name and address book is a must I think).
  • I ran the client re-configuration wizard from the Notes menu in order to establish a TCP/IP port and connection to my DDN server. I don’t use Notes mail, so this is pretty straightforward.
  • All done! I could connect to this site and what have you, no worries.

One last step: as a Mac Notes user, of course, one has to sort out those damn fonts!!


  1. Interesting. I had no trouble with my ID file, but I also did a disconnected setup then added my ports et al later, and everything works fine (10.3 on an old Titanium Powerbook). The fonts are truly miserable, though. Off to read the fonts tip you linked to…Rob McDonagh#
  2. Enjoying that integrated Sametime client ?

    I have been able to upgrade over the top from 6.0 to 603 to 6.5. Th only drama was the broken installer 602? that Volker was able to fix.

    Have you grabbed NiniX yet ?
    Justin Knol#
  3. I only ever "play" with Notes on my Mac, and access my website databases. There's no real way to integrate the Mac with my work environment, so no Notes mail or Sametime alas!Ben Poole#
  4. I am trying to install Notes 6.5 on my 12" PowerBook running 10.3 and I get no joy at all.

    It installs OK. That's no problem. But then I click on the 'New Setup' button to set up my notes and it just crashes. If I run under Classic I get further - I can set myself up. Then back to native and use the existing setup but still no banana - still crashes. It sounds like you guys have this running OK. What am I missing?Mark Ferraretto#
  5. Hmmm 10.3 isn’t a confirmed platform for Notes on the Mac yet, so that could be it (I’m not currently running Notes on my Mac). Often sorting out permissions and / or running the reconfiguration wizard help, but that’s about all the advice I can offer at this stage.Ben Poole#
  6. Anybody using 10.3.3 and 6.5.1? Can you change the default international settings to Russian + install Russian keyboard. And try typing CAPITAL letters in notes client. Let me know if it types or gives error sounds.@iS#
  7. I can't seem to find the 6.5.3 client - where is it located? the 6.0.3 installer installs a crashing client…Anonymous Coward#

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