Moving on

Ed Wrenbeck is moving on from Lotus Notes & Domino, and writes,

Come December 2003, Lotus Notes/Domino will no longer play a central role in my life. Although it may not seem that unusual to you, it feels kind of strange to me…
… Perhaps even stranger, cutting the ties to Domino Designer will remove the last link to the Wintel world.

Getting rid of Wintel eh? Even better! Heh. I wish you luck Ed, and will certainly keep reading — I think I can empathise with your change of direction. Despite still enjoying Notes and Domino development, I get more out of learning this OOP thing and coding away in Java. That Cocoa business looks like a whole lot of fun too. Of course, the best thing about Java and Cocoa versus Domino is the fact that one is no longer tied to bloody Windoze. ;-)


  1. well since we have to wait for ed's xsp version before we can comment over there, i'll just say - ed, i'll still be tuning in! even though i don't have a mac!


    and good luck in your new venture!jonvon#

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