You have to laugh - II

When I decided to close down my referrers list, I removed all of the basic spam referral checking code I had. For example, I had code that ignored referrers from domains and IP blocks specified in a configuration document, code that ignored referrers with certain words in the address, and so forth. All this went — no longer required you see — and it’s been interesting to see how little crap I get in my referrers, even over the course of a full week.

Until today. Yes, today I received one solitary referrer spam from GMTV. GMTV, as my UK-based readers will no doubt be aware, is a sad, shitty, Daily Mail*-style morning TV show. And needless to say, a link to this site was nowhere to be found on the GMTV health page. ;-)

* Translation: mindless trivia, celebrity-pap news, ill-thought-out right-wing rubbish about beggars, asylum seekers and those annoying people you see on the bus.

How I laughed

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