What a game. Both sides… amazing.

BBC: England and Australia rugby emblems


  2. Congratulations lads, that was a well-earned win :-)

    I'm not much of a rugby fan but that was an impressive game (at least the final half + extra time, that I saw). While Jonny Wilkinson scored the final drop goal, I think Elton Flatley musta lost about 10 years off his life expectancy today. Talk about pressure! :-)
    Colin Pretorius#
  3. Congratulations to England - a well deserved win. I only saw the extra- time but it was clear who were the better team.Justin Knol#
  4. Well, England had a shaky start, and Tuqiri's try was splendid. Then England clawed things back, and the game was very tense towards the end: especially as the Wallabies equalised seconds before full-time!

    Naturally the focus was to be on Wilkinson, who came through for England yet again, but Jason Robinson and Elton Flatley both deserve praise also. It was a fine game ;-)Ben Poole#

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