Woo hoo

Hey, I got published! The December edition of e-Pro Magazine is out, and my first article, 7 Easy Tips for Creative Domino Developers has been published (free subscription required). How exciting. I also noticed this letter:

Just a sincere thank you to Thomas Duff for his articles [Web exclusives, article IDs 1824, 2446, 3147] about sharing personal nabs and group management. These tools have helped us considerably as we roll out Notes! With a little bit of tweaking, I was able to modify his app to also retrieve various users’ log files so our admin team could review key data.

Go Duffbert!


  1. Very cool! Congrats!

    OK, I'm off to e-pro to have a look. Cheers!

    (Oh, and Tom, um, OK, congrats to you too :-)Joe Litton#
  2. Kudos….a very needed article.
    Thanks!mac guidera#
  3. Very nice article, Ben… Great job!

    I remember when I first received that email from the reader. It's those types of emails that make article writing so emotionally "worth it". Thomas Duff#
  4. It was an excellent article, Ben! I'm glad we published it!
    Now… on to the next one!
  5. Thanks Libby - I'm working on it! ;-)Ben Poole#
  6. Excellent article, Ben, congratulations! I hope it's the first of many more :-)

    (You know I'm not 100% behind that copy & pasting code thing, but that's my only nitpick and I'm spoiled that I don't need to c&p between apps). The rest of your points are things that should be tattooed onto acolyte's foreheads before they're even allowed to touch production NSFs :-)

    I must also admit your point on commenting out code is something I'm guilty of, and I'd never really thought of. You're absolutely right though, it just creates crud like too much bad cholesterol. It tends to be useful during testing and debugging, but then it hangs around to confuse the dickens out of subsequent developers for years after.Colin Pretorius#
  7. Jumping thru the registration hoops was worth it - nice article.

    Well Done !

    Justin Knol#
  8. Thanks for the comments all, much appreciated. Re copy & paste, ’twas the most contentious bit for me to write Colin ;-)I could have gone more into building a framework of re-usable libraries etc., but figured I’d start with stuff for beginners, and take it from there.Ben Poole#
  9. Congratulations, and welcome to the 'club' ;-)John Barrow#
  10. Just downloaded the latest version of e-pro via Zinio reader and read your most awesome article! Great job Ben!

    BruceBruce Elgort#
  11. Don't start him off on zinio bruce - this blog will sound well & truly like codestore thenn :-D Dave G#

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