Java for your health

The bizarrely-named (not to mention pretty inaccurate) Sun Java Desktop System is getting some publicity:

The Register: UK NHS trials Sun Linux, threatens 800k user defection from MS.

Medical IT systems in the UK are surely due an overhaul. In this day and age, one should be able to go to any doctor or hospital, and that medical facility should be able to call up your complete medical history. Overseas readers may be amused to learn that in many NHS Trusts in this country, when you receive hospital treatment you are given a letter detailing the treatment which you have just received. You are required to deliver this letter to your GP, ideally within 24 hours. Your GP’s office (hopefully) update your paper records from that letter.

Finished laughing yet? We could take a page out of Brasil’s book. Now that’s a Java system!


  1. Wow, I only started reading Gosling's site 2 or 3 months ago, and so had missed that story about the system in Brazil - VERY impressive.

    I'm afraid our system here in USA is similar to the UK; when visiting a given health care provider for the first time, it is normal to spend the first 15 minutes or so filling out a paper form listing one's medical history. We have many of the same fraud issues to which you allude.Joe Litton#
  2. Good point Joe. To be fair, you guys have an excuse though: lots of different private set-ups.

    Here in the UK, we have those of course, but we also have the National Health Service… I would hope that in the 21st century maybe we can get around to sharing data within one organisation ;-)

    The Brasilian system is pretty amazing though: I believe one of the coders behind it is a regular Java nut, and goes to all the big conferences.Ben Poole#

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