This screenshot pretty much sums up today. I’m not actually seeking to single out a single application — EasySync isn’t any worse than everything else on my hard drive — but I’m getting very tired of dealing with random crashes and poor response times. Today has seen one crash after another, compounded with some “off-air” time when the laptop couldn’t even connect to our network thanks to a dodgy firewall software project.

One more application bites the dust on the StinkPad

But this is all quite amusing when one thinks back just twenty years or so. In 1984 I would wait five whole minutes for a game to load up from cassette tape on my ZX Spectrum. Hee hee.

Anyway, Stinky’s getting replaced next week hopefully. Not a moment too soon.


  1. Ben, when I first got my ZX81 I didn't have a casette player for storage so every time I turned the machine on, I had to type in my program before anything could happen. Luckily there was a 1k limit but that still meant a long wait !Richard Shergold#
  2. Well I was flash, I had a cassette set-up from the start for the ZX81… towards the end though, it needed tin foil wrapped around the 3.5mm plug to work properly — ditto for the power adaptor.Ben Poole#

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