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I just can’t get enough of the discussion around the “rich client” concept being promoted for use with future versions of IBM Lotus Workplace. It intrigues me, not least because of the sheer technical challenge in coding this beast. There’s a wee bit more discussion about this Eclipse-based offering over at Barry Briggs’ weblog.

Further reading:

One of my concerns about going down this route has been that of performance. It looks as though the rich client is going to be somewhat stripped-down compared with what we know now (i.e. the Eclipse IDE), so hopefully there’s some mitigation there. My other concerns include: incorporating the Notes / Domino security model (shared by Justin), equalling the excellent replication engine within Notes 6, and ensuring that the rich client is cross-platform in the way that Eclipse is, and WSAD most certainly is not. Interesting times!


  1. Ed is also pointing to a new Lotus Workplace exec summary document at :

    Just don't expect any details - apart from breathless marketing speak : dynamic, on-demand, lower costs, improve world peace, removes stains in cold water……….Justin Knol#
  2. Never under-estimate the importance of stain removal. Knowing what the man’s capable of, I bet Ben L has an Eclipse plug-in in beta already.Ben Poole#
  3. Deep in my cynical brain I ask myself why it is that IBM is so hell-bent on reimplementing the Notes client in a dog-slow JVM when the original already works so well, but I do understand their position and I do hope it works well.

    Which is to say, if Eclipse becomes the basis for a cross-platform Notes client that can talk (inter alia) to NSFs and supply us with all the virtuous things that we take for granted in the Notes client, with a few bells and whistles on the side, then I'm all for it.

    If it turns out to be another Linux-friendly way to build bloated, kludgey, relational-only, layout-based Java apps in the same way that VB developers were doing it in the 90s, then I'd just as soon go fire up a copy of Kylix right now and be done with it.Colin Pretorius#
  4. At work the Notes guys (not me, sadly) and our training folk are about to do a trial with Workplace Learning thing, so we'll have some first-hand lookin and peekin at the thing.

    I think we have just agreed to turn on mail, team collab/IM (we are licensed after all) - so I'll be passing comments in a few days.

    My feeling is that we'll be disappointed at the initial limited function of the WRC (Workplace Rich Client - claim of new acronym). All the buzzwords won't replace 15 years of development overnight. The real question is whether it needs to.

    Besides - we have 9 months to continue to speculate, and a whole new bunch of people seem to have just woken up to it: Knol#
  5. All we do is talk about Workplace - see also:

    which was produced by a bit of slide-mining on Ed's presentation here:
    Justin Knol#

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