Sierra online!

Stinky Mk. II is nice and shiny. The T40 also has some wicked new firewall software on it. This software is so good, it prevents all in-bound and out-bound communication on the machine when I’m logged on to my own network. Splendid. What’s more, the configuration pane is locked down. Ah…

So, let’s move over to the proper computer, and do some surfing. No sooner do I start, I discover that Kathy Sierra is ’blogging! Woo hoo!

Kathy Sierra: have your developers seen a real customer in the wild?

(Uh, for those that don’t know, Kathy is one of the authors of the Head First Java books!)


  1. Sierra Online reminds me of one thing: "Ken sent me". Tell me, why! :-)Volker Weber#
  2. Sounds like the XP Policy Blues to me… afterall, why would anyone want to change anything in XP? Wonder if Steve is going to come out with OS X-intel NeXT(pun intended). I too found myself with a new XP laptop for work… it makes a wonderful 5250 emulator…for everything else I opted for a new iMac…seeing/using is believing.Gregg#

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