So what happened in 2003? Some personal highlights this year, not all site-related:

  • Just after my 31st birthday, my wife told me that we were expecting our third child.
  • This site’s hit count shot up nicely (September saw nearly 190,000 hits and 5,300 unique visitors). The site’s averaging around 170,000 page impressions per month, so thanks for your continued patronage!
  • My chum Dave Curtis finally did the honourable thing and married the lovely Jenny. Had a great time at the wedding, even though I was sober throughout.
  • Another antipodean, Mr. Molloy, came to play not once, but twice! Great to see him.
  • My first article for e-Pro Magazine was commissioned, accepted, and published. So thanks for that opportunity Libby!
  • I hooked up with Volker, and he helped me out with some useful materials and advice. I owe vowe heaps, and hope he’s enjoying the notebook :-)
  • Back to the site. I wrote 283 ’blog entries and 15 articles. Here are some personal favourites: 27 Jan: More computing history, 14 Oct: Errors & exceptions, 30 Sep: Workplace, and groupware’s future.
  • Finally, I have met a great number of people via the site, in particular in the Domino ’blogging world. It’s been smashing. Particular thanks to Duffbert who saw to it that Head First Java came my way ;-)

A great year. Looking forward to enjoying 2004!


  1. Pssst. This is my business model. Make people owe me heaps. With interest that may someday pay off. :-D Volker Weber#

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