An interesting class

Rocky has a new discussion going on, by way of preparation for one of his Lotusphere presentations, all about best practice for OOP in Lotusscript. A very worthwhile topic, and I agree with the points he’s raised thus far. In a well-considered response, Martin Rolph adds some other useful stuff such as using the Me keyword, and ensuring one uses Property Get and Property Set. Great tips, especially the latter if you want to code truly portable re-usable stuff. But there’s one niggle that comes up time and time again… when oh when are we going to get a bloody class browser in the Domino Designer IDE?!?

Mmmf. S’pose we’re going to have to wait a few years ’til the rich client has this capability now, eh? ;-)


  1. I want a shortcut to start/stop the debugger and a status indicator if debug mode is enabled.
    I also want to undock the frames in the designer as separate windows.Tobias#

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