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Perhaps I should clarify my comments from the early hours of this morning with regard yesterday’s MacWorld. I imagine some people were shocked, given what a zealot I can be . I’m not one for swallowing all the rumour sites and their nonsense, but I was hoping for a little more. What Jobs said is fine, and GarageBand looks particularly nifty, but I think most people felt let-down when it came to the iPod mini. No doubt about it, this is way over-priced. For $50 more one can buy the real thing, with triple the storage, so why bother? Knocking off $50, or even $100 (yeah right) would have produced another killer product for Apple. We shall have to see.

Meanwhile, John Gruber, as ever, sums things up best:

PC pundits pound their heads against the wall, asking why, if Apple only sells a small percentage of computers, the company receives such a disproportionate amount of media attention. The answer is simply that they’re selling the best computers, to the most interesting people. Maybe it is only two percent of the total PC market, but it’s the most interesting two percent.

The only slow segment of the keynote was the presentation from Roz Ho and the Microsoft Mac BU on their upcoming Office 2004. The relative silence of the keynote audience during their segment was telling. It’s not because Mac users are biased against Microsoft, it’s just that spreadsheets are fucking boring…

I love his analyses: they’re always spot-on ;-)


  1. Yes, that was very well put. I had the exakt feeling. "Isn't it exciting …?" - "No, actually, not". Volker Weber#
  2. I think the really cool stuff was G5 Xserves and the Xgrid stuff. Not really consumer level stuff but still . . .

    However Apple still need to convince the enterprise they are in it for the long haul in this market to be taken seriously.

    The whole idiot-proof distributed computing thing will take off over the next few years.

    NeXT had a big head start on this in NeXTStep/OpenStep in the 90's - its good to see its finally hit OS X.

    As for the mini iPod I believe this is the target demographic summed up nicely in a slashdot post


    These people don't care about how much or how big. Its all about style. They buy Viaos rather than Dells and Rolex rather than Casio.


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