I can’t believe beats me with three stars versus two… ;-)

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Quick note chaps: drop the “brick look” — it’s very 1994 [smiley PokeTongue]


  1. What a peculiar site. How did they make their selections, much less their ratings. Why do they have only one add-on, and it isn't Midas? What about Naomi? Tune in next week for another edition of "Love of Chair!"Ben Langhinrichs#
  2. LOL! I get quite a lot of this stuff in the referrers. Now, this site on the other hand, this looks good (check out the article on normalisation): Poole#
  3. "A very average Web site that doesn't quite live up to its name" and one star…. ouch!!! That's not even nice. Do I suck *that* badly? ;-)

    -Chris "will never live up to the name" TooheyChris Toohey#
  4. That site doesn'e even come up on my machine in Firebird (except for the cheesy brick background). I have no idea what it looks like, much less what it says.

    - Julian

    Julian Robichaux#
  5. Julian: that’s weird, as I went to it in Firebird straight from my referrers. How odd.

    Chris: you don’t suck ;-)

    Addendum: ah, this may shed light Julian: the site makes extensive use of the Domino view and outline applets.Ben Poole#

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