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I’ve had a good run of books lately, and I think I will share them with you… Ten years ago, I went to university in America for a bit, and whilst there discovered the joys of Dave Barry’s syndicated newspaper column — very entertaining (the chap now has, inevitably, a weblog). Dave wrote his first novel a few years back, and I recommend it. Big Trouble is funny, but Barry reigns in the laughs a little bit in favour of crafting a most entertaining thriller vaguely in the mould of Elmore Leonard.

Now, obligatory tech mention. Would you believe, I’m still working through Head First Java. Ha ha! What can I say, I take my time. Work keeps getting in the way of just sitting down and reading this book. But I’m still really enjoying it, and hope to move on to Head First EJB Certification soon.

FInally, I’ve also read a couple of novels by Dan Brown entitled Deception Point and Angels And Demons respectively. They’re both excellent, well-researched, well-written and… exciting, especially the latter.

The End. :-)


  1. If you liked Angels and Demons, you'll love The DaVinci Code. Same basic book, but shorter and faster.

    I saw that they just re-released another Dan Brown book in paperback. Something a little older about a computer programmer (can't remember the name right now). I might have to give that a read, as soon as I work my way down the stack of books next to my bed.

    - Julian
    Julian Robichaux#
  2. Yes, I’ve heard good things about The Da Vinci Code, and that new one sounds interesting!Ben Poole#
  3. Ben, a lot of folks have recommended Head First Java so I have no doubt it's a good book - but is it mainly for getting _into_ Java, or does it offer much if you've already pretty much gone through the basics (going back to the 'best practices' discussion?)Colin Pretorius#
  4. Mainly for getting into Java, no question. Before I got the book, I knew a fair bit, and had already released some JSPs to production… but I am learning a lot more going through it. That said, it is not aimed at total coding newbies, just people who want to pick up Java who aren’t C++ marvels ;-)Ben Poole#
  5. OK, thanks. On balance, I reckon I'll invest, then :-)Colin Pretorius#

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