Your day has gone

I don’t normally link to Flash games and the like, but this one is too addictive not to mention. Wave goodbye to your productivity!

Smack the penguin.


  1. 282 feet. Oh my god, you should not have pointed that out. I much bigger warning is requiredBen Langhinrichs#
  2. ;-) I’m running at 321… I just can’t get any further…Ben Poole#
  3. 322.9 here.

    And I have a screenshot to prove it (we've been running a small tournament in the office earlier today).Nuno Pereira#
  4. Just in case you think I'm bluffing… Pereira#
  5. Good work! ;-)Ben Poole#
  6. Funny, that's the fifth time today I read a blog entry about this game, linking to at least four different sites which all copied the swf file.

    There are some where it is displayed in a smaller window where it runs faster and seems to be easier to play. See e.g. here:

    I got 593.5 (Screenshot in my site)Oliver Regelmann#
  7. Oooh that smaller version is much faster… which results in a longer hit. I got 416.5 on my first go!Ben Poole#
  8. Definitely faster - 400's every time!Chris#
  9. It's almost no fun. The shortest one I did was higher than my previous record.

    Someone is going to get a nice screenshot by mail (and probably think I used Paint Shop Pro to fake it) Nuno Pereira#
  10. well done oliver, unfortunately i think you may have hit the limit tho. i got the same score (593.5) yesterday and my mate has been trying desperately all day to beat me, without anyluck. however, he did hit this score three times himself ! triga#
  11. What fun to break up the montony. My highest was only 489.9 so far.yme#
  12. I can't believe you guys got 400-500 +!!!! I got 317.2 and figured that's about as far as you can go.Tom Nichols#
  13. Ok, I tried the smaller one and got 553.6. I will be able to sleep now.Tom Nichols#
  14. 593.5 - in spite of all of my weekend playing here and there - this is the best I could do so far.yme#

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