Echo and bounce

God it’s quiet out there. Where is everybody?

Update: the new rich client looks whizzy. Can’t wait to get my mucky maulers on that one. Check out Julian’s post for more.


  1. ACKMichael Braly#
  2. Hmmppph !Justin Knol#
  3. MuhBen Poole#
  4. *ggg*Colin Pretorius#
  5. PphhhhttJustin Knol#
  6. Tell me about it - at work I have about an hour or so extra that I actually have to work (usually it's spent on reading ;-)Jef#
  7. Doncha just feel like the one kid sitting at the side of the pool who can't swim 'cause he forgot his swimming kit at home? ;-)Colin Pretorius#
  8. Yup… the sad one no-one picks for the football game at lunchtime… :-D Ben Poole#
  9. Anyway, who'd want to be there with all the crowds, and queues, and stuff…

    sigh……Justin Knol#
  10. Hey, I've got to tell you, this is my first year here, and I'm going to try to suck every last breath out of the experience -- which probably explains why I'm sitting here on my laptop at 2:20 AM…

    In any case, what would you like to hear more of? Techie stuff? Soap opera "I saw so-and-so stuff"? Insider gossip (as little as I hear)?

    - Julian
    Julian Robichaux#
  11. Julian,

    I'd like to see all the boring little details that don't make it into the press release, but that make a difference to the inner geek.

    You have already done great work on Notes 7&8 and the web services & SOAP stuff. I assume that domino 7 will now do real SOAP - what about Java as well as LS ??

    you go, dude ! Justin Knol#
  12. And some of the other SOAP too ;-)Ben Poole#

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