Cover of Nick Beggs' new CD, The Maverick HelmsmanWell, amidst all the excitement about rich clients, Notes 7 / 8, and wot-not, I had some additional excitement: Nick Beggs has a new CD out, featuring solo Stick recitals recorded over the last year. He did it all on his new OS X set-up using the excellent Logic. The CD sounds fantastic as a result, and comes highly recommended! You can find out how to order from this page (scroll down a bit) on his site — there’s also a download link for one of the tracks on the album, “Willow”.

Incidentally, the cover art dates back to a portrait painted in 1988 by some guy called Ronnie Wood.

Never ’eard of him.


  1. Ronnie Wood is an excellent jazz musician. I've heard he's got a pop combo of some kind on the side as well.Stan Rogers#

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