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Crikey. Things have been getting Atomic over at Russell Beattie’s site: Russ takes issue with Mark Pilgrim. I can kind of see his point too. This whole Atom thing is just fine as a technical notion. It’s the pathetic pontification and grand-standing going on around it that is pure pants. I hold Atom responsible for the degradation of a great site: diveintomark. It used to be really interesting, with plenty of opinion on all kinds of things. Now? RSS and Atom talk. Yawn.

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Here’s to the weekend, and — ahem — a lovely St. Valentine’s day…


  1. Man, this is exactly why I wish more bloggers would feed their comments via RSS as well! I read that post and thought 'go, Russ, you tell 'em man, you tell 'em', but I completely missed the bitchslappin' that's being going on since.

    To me it's purely voyeuristic fun seeing everyone rip each other to shreds.

    At the end of the day, far too many people get a little too caught up in their own sense of self-importance on the web. The percentage of people on this planet whose lives will be materially affected by Atom vs RSS is essentially zero, and this is what many A-listers promoting their technologies and ideas seem to forget.

    Sure, we all enjoy our geek thrills and the Atom versus RSS debate is quite interesting and educational, and that is a Good Thing. If some of us end up being better software developers and indirectly make the world a slightly better place (*violin music*) because we write better software, then that too is a Good Thing. But THAT IS IT. Thinking that any of it is really important in the greater scheme of the Universe is a very painful delusion.

    Having said that, pass the popcorn… :-)Colin Pretorius#
  2. Hey Ben,

    I'll all for developing something that's more "open"… and it can certainly be done. It's a matter though of then building our solutions around such a thing (ie, Domino adopted RBL technology) - I simply suggested writing the thing in Domino to 1) stick with what the majority of my readership can use immediately and 2) a standard example database from any of us rarely only cover the current subject (ie, Jake puts out an example database covering subject1 and we inadvertedly learn about subjects2-17).

    Also… who's to say that we have to be the followers? If we come up with a great solution, we could very easily create a "modularity" to the process and allow even those MT-ers to use it - who cares that it's running on a Domino backend? We have OpenNTF "host" the thing and whammo! Domino's yet again being used for something that it (while it wasn't designed for) does wonderfully!

    -ChrisChris Toohey#

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