Following on from some wee changes made at the start of the month, a few more subtle tweaks have occurred chez Poole. Specifically, the arrangement of permalink / category / comment links in weblog entries, and the removal of the myriad link rel bookmarks, useful only to those with site navigation bars (the more permanent links still exist). Everything was done with input from a number of you out there, and special thanks go to Volker for his ideas and mock-ups. There may be a few more changes ahead.

Let me know how this pans out for you…


  1. There's some problems with IE5.5 (standard browser here at work), where the right hand bar is still present the text to the left of it partially ends up under the right hand bar. It's usually just a character or two, and is probably an IE rendering bug. Also the horizontal scroll bar is shown where there appears to be no reason for horizontal scroll. Resizing the window shows that it's not one particular window size causing it.

    Actually, the text under the right hand bar is also happening in Firefox 0.8, not the horizontal scroll though.Marcin#
  2. I don't understand the need for the "Weblog Permalink" title on each entry.

    And - the more useless information the better, I always say :)Justin Knol#
  3. I know it shows my old fogey nature, but I use 800x600, and a good deal of the text goes under the menu on the right. Now, I could switch resolution, but it is good form to accommodate those curmudgeons like myself.Ben Langhinrichs#
  4. Re permalink text - already in hand, just bear with me!

    Ben, you’re not an old fogey, I reduce my screen width a lot, and I noticed it too… just trying to strike a balance between the two parts of the screen. As for horizontal scroll bars and IE 5.5… no idea :-)Ben Poole#
  5. I like it. Works here without problems. But the screen has 1440 width I believe.

    I think you should a bit more white space under the entry headline. Make that "quite some" white space.Volker Weber#
  6. Looks good! I like your tag line, where's it from? :-)Colin Pretorius#
  7. It’s an Oscar Wilde quote.Ben Poole#
  8. I bough this book for my brother-in-law for Christmas - it is chock-a-block with useless information: Knol#
  9. Oh yes, I know that one! Started to look at it in a book shop once. Oh dear. Just watch those minutes turn into hours… ;-)Ben Poole#

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