Java agents

Coding a big Java agent in Domino? Do you have any control over your server environment? If so, run, don’t walk, over to Nik Shenoy’s weblog and read his post Java Agent Performance in Domino R5. Very useful, with some interesting pointers as to how the Domino Java class loader appears to function. He performed a number of tests with fellow developer Weidong Huang. Check this out:

Wei discovered that classes loaded via the JavaUserClasses statement having static members are cached across agent calls.

Useful to know eh! But watch your threads…


  1. What a fab blog .. cheers benSpug-a-hoola#
  2. But wait, there’s more! Nik has coded a Lotusscript take on JUnit:

    LSUnitBen Poole#
  3. Hey, thanks for the plug, Ben. I haven't ever had that many people visit my site in a single day :-)

    And yes, I do have an implementation of LSUnit. It's slightly different from the JUnit implementation, mainly because LotusScript doesn't do reflection, but it seems to work. I'm still working on an example, which will hopefully be posted in the near future.Nik Shenoy#

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