Sheer brilliance

This has to be one of the most revolting and hilarious sites I’ve hit in a long time: Webtek Systems. It’s a humorous “web design” site. Never seen it before, but I gather it’s pretty famous. Example quote:

Put your busines on the map with an web site that can be accessed by anyone internationly right now on the World Wide internet. Free PROFESIONAL Consultations available! We have pushed MacDraw farther than anyone to squeeze out the most attractive graphics on the web for our clients. We should know how to do it by now, since we'v ebeen using MAc Draw for 11 years, longer than anyone.

Hee hee. But go see. Four colours! <blink> tags! Embedded MIDI files and the like! Well worth a visit. LOL.

OK, when you need to calm down and see something decent, the following sites all deliver ;-)

BTW, be sure to click through to Webtek’s design tips page. Splendid.


  1. I *so* hope that is a parody of web design and not someone who thinks they really know web design.Thomas Duff#
  2. It is, don’t worry!Ben Poole#
  3. Oh my god….their "Client List" page almost gave me a seizure.Trent#

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