Laptop envy

I had Stinky, my IBM T40, out on the train home tonight, hacking away at some troublesome code. I couldn’t help but notice a chap opposite me getting his laptop out of his bag too. It was shiny. A kind of silvery colour…

… Yup, a brand new 15” Apple PowerBook G4. Yum yum. The white Apple logo glowed at me all the way home as I tried to concentrate on my Java.

The galling thing is, he only seemed to be using the thing as an overgrown iPod. Bah, what a waste!

P.S. Don’t tell Stinky I was ogling. Morale is low at the moment.


  1. Congratulations!Joseph Pollone#
  2. Unm, yeah, to him. I still have Stinky… ;-)Ben Poole#
  3. You know, Ben, if your Mum had named you Stinky, your morale might be a bit on the low side as well.Stan Rogers#
  4. Mmm… fair point Stan. I like to think it’s a somewhat affectionate sobriquet, but I can see how a laptop would take it… :-D Ben Poole#
  5. it's true though, the rubbery casing stuff they put on thinkpads do make them smell funny.Paul R#
  6. Sorry, I misinterpreted your blog. I was so excited about the entry that I thought you got a new 'book. In any case, I think you should have swapped with him. We would have kept it a secret.Joseph Pollone#
  7. Oh I would have loved to swap ;-)

    But - oh no! - if I did that, I wouldn’t be able to run Domino Designer!

    Heh heh.Ben Poole#

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