The perils of being open

Ouch. I feel for Russell. Some people are real scum, no question.


  1. That's really harsh [smiley frown]

    The saddest part is that there's probably little legal recourse even if they do find the person. Although I must admit that if I found myself in that situation, legality might not be high on my list of priorities.Colin Pretorius#
  2. do you know this beattie guy? as a regular reader of your blog (not his) i find you linking to it every once in a while, and its somewhat bemusing…he seems to be a real jerk every time i read him.

    that's why i ask if you know him--perhaps he's not quite the a-hole in real life that he comes across as on the web.

    and it can't be that i'm on the wrong side of the pond, since he's in SF, right?

  3. by the way, i in no way mean to belittle the threat…that is indeed sad, and would be a bit scary.

    i had random phone threat once before, its a bit unsettling. nothing came of it, however. i hope for his and his family's sake nothing comes of this.
  4. No, I don’t know him, although I’ve read his site for quite some time. I believe Rocky Oliver knows him. I think Russell is one of those people who speaks his mind and wears his heart on his sleeve… I think it’s fair to say that he posts first and asks questions later, which mean he really riles people from time to time. I like it ;-) (He started off with Lotus Notes too).

    The last great controversy on Russ’ site was over Atom, and frankly, having read some of the other crap flying around about the bloody thing, I think he was spot-on. Russell's interaction with Mark was somewhat extreme, but I couldn’t help but agree with his actual beef.Ben Poole#
  5. I've read political blogs for a couple of months, and it's funny how they all seem to do the same thing: clearly show the world that the other guys (the republicans, the democrats, the lefties, the neocons, whatever) are a bunch of liars and loosers. Left wing blogs and right wing blogs both behave the same in that regard. But some blogs/sites are really inviting aggression, and that has me worried: Wolfswinkel#

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