My life is ridiculous. Tonight I spent around ten minutes of my time thinking up flirty responses to a 31 year old man, on behalf of my sister-in-law who’s back in the dating game, on-line style. Later on this evening I asked my wife where something was. Her response — which I don’t reckon to be that typical — “Your lip-salv is on top of the Chapman Stick.”

So come on then: are there any strange things you’ve done lately?!?


  1. As a wedding present my new wife received a framed photograph of me from a friend of hers who could not come to the wedding. Not too weird so far, right. Well, the photo is of me wearing a dress and sitting in a very unladylike way. I had to hang it on the wall beside my wife's desk whilst trying not to look up my own skirt. Urgh …Anonymolloyous#
  2. Yeah, that’s weird alright Mr. M ;-)Ben Poole#
  3. i have had this post in the back of my mind all day. i just know i've got like 20 weird things to post here, but somehow my brain can't think of anything. i think there must be a deep seated mental block in there somewhere. some little guy behind a curtain pulling levers and shouting "we can't open THAT door, no telling if we'll get it SHUT again!"

    maybe tomorrow i'll come up with something…jonvon#
  4. I ate Doritos with a spoon the other night.Trent#
  5. Mr. M - Don't forget, people you work with read this site ;)Marcin#
  6. LOL! Mr. M. made a valiant attempt, but ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Step up Trent ;-)Ben Poole#
  7. Damn - I lost out to Trent AND I need to get a new pseudonym to disguise myself from my workmates!Anonymolloyous#
  8. Sorry Chris. As for the pseudonym, yes, I suppose you need a new one. Let’s face it, your current one sucks ;-)

    “You couldn’t fool your mother on the foolingest day of your life if you had an electric fooling machine.” - Homer SimpsonBen Poole#
  9. Okay, seeing how Ben broke the ice with a Simpson's quote, I feel I can say this in good company. :-)

    Speaking of strange things lately, I often, for absolutely no reason at all sometimes spit out my own "Ralph Wiggum-isms". (hrm, I like that term!)

    My latest? Announcing to him while getting into bed that "I pulled the covers up because I turned the heater down." You have to read it to yourself in Ralph's voice to fully appreciate how… umm.. *weird* it sounded. :-D Jess Stratton#
  10. Heh heh. Here’s another - Chris reminded me I’d sent this link around: Poole#

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