Eclipse 3.0M8 is with us

Downloading now. I’ve really been getting into Eclipse this past week or so, and I love it. 3.0M8 introduces a few goodies:

  • New welcome screen & functionality
  • Cheat sheets & code samples
  • Workplace selection on start-up
  • Improved progress feedback
  • New features & plug-ins detected and dealt-with without a re-start
  • Various CVS-related improvements
  • Loads of Ant-related improvements (e.g. errors now in problems view)
  • Quick Outline now shows inherited members

Go get!


  1. being lazy by not following the link, but anyway, do you install your new versions of eclipse over the old versions, so as not to lose plug-in functionality?

    or do you install to a new location and move your plug-ins over?marcus#
  2. Good question; I re-installed over 3.0M7 with no issues but that was a clean install from a few days earlier.

    I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to install over the top of an older version and retain your plug-ins. After all, the install is simply a case of unzipping, so it will only over-write files with the same name.Ben Poole#
  3. thanks, I'll give it a shot sometime this week.marcus#
  4. A bit late in the day, but anyway: some tips for upgrading from milestone 7 to 8: Poole#

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