HyperCard is no more

Via OSNews, it’s now official: HyperCard is dead:

A Eulogy for HyperCard by Tim Oren.

The proliferation of ideas created its own confusion. What was this thing? Programming and user interface design tool? Lightweight database and hypertext document management system? Multimedia authoring environment?… HyperCard’s programming model was object-like, but didn’t fall neatly into either the class/instance or delegation styles. Individual visible cards in a stack were created as instances of prototypic backgrounds and could be pre-populated with text fields and action buttons…

Sound familiar? :-o


  1. Way ahead of ya:

    Hypercard was a long way ahead of its time. I remember some amazing projects put together by school kids back when Apple owned the classroom. I'm sorry to see it go.Stan Rogers#
  2. Way ahead of ya ;-) Poole#
  3. Mystified readers should check out the comments against this post at Ed’s site for a clue as to what this is all about:

    e-Pro: IBM Lotus pushes Exchange to Notes migrations

    As to allowing anonymous comments, I see no point in making a name and / or email address mandatory on my site — clearly there are ways around such validation, so what’s the point?

    However, I reserve the right to criticise those who cannot stand by their opinions.Ben Poole#

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