Just when you thought others might be taking John C. Dvorak’s banner away, the original twonk comes out with more tripe — Phone-cams, Moblogs, and Public Nudity:

And then there is Yafro, a site laced with lewd and lascivious snapshots. If you’re an exhibitionist, this is the place for you. I never knew it before, but there seem to be a lot of women who like walking around stark naked, having their pictures taken (not porn, mind you), then posting these pictures on the Web just because, well, they think it’s cool. I do not need this distraction…

… I would recommend legislation to ban these cameras from even being manufactured, but it’s too late now…

Why does this chap write about technology again?

Via Jonathan Greene.

On a (tenuously) related point, check out that PC Magazine link address: see, it’s not just WebSphere that specialises in ugly URLs!


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