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No, don’t worry, this isn’t a spam scam thingie. Wired now has some weblog sites running, the most recent of which is The Cult of Mac. I was perusing said site during my lunch hour when I noticed a post about thriving iPod mini sales on e-Bay in the UK. As some of you may know, the iPod mini only becomes available in Europe from July (as usual, Apple underestimated demand, so they’ve only released units to the domestic market). Check this out:

Blogger Max Salven reckons most U.S. eBay sellers are making at least $130 per sale. If sellers can shift three minis a day — and Salven thinks they can — that’s $2,700 a month for 10 minutes of work a day.

Goodness me. Wonder if anyone’s up for selling a boxed, new iBook G4 12”? By my reckoning, even if I paid $200 more than the brand new, retail value of such a thing in the US ($1,099), I’d still save more than £140 compared with the UK price.


Update: The Register: Apple speeds budget Mac.

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