Rave on

So, “Project Rave” has delivered the first early-access release of Java Studio Creator. Jolly good, always useful to have plenty of choice in the IDE space.

Except, do we? Yes, once again, OS X is out in the cold. Despite being a great platform for Java coding, and despite there being a number of Java developers who’ve switched (some chap called James Gosling is quite popular I believe ;-)), we have no OS X version.

Bah.OK, so apparently OS X support will be forthcoming, but why do Sun do this? They blame idiosyncrasies in the OS X JVM for the tardiness, yet I didn’t see Sun come forward and code a JVM for OS X in the first place: that was left to Apple.


  1. See for a very simple solution from user 'tomnelson'. His solution worked for me and my 12" PowerBook running 10.3.3.David Rupp#

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