More SCO-style nonsense

This time, JPEG technology is the (indirect) target. Thirty-one companies (including JASC, Apple, IBM and Adobe) are the target of a patent-infringement lawsuit being brought by Forgent Networks. The issue was first raised two years ago, but it’s now threatening to go to court. Oh good, more litigation:

At the time, Forgent’s claim elicited a response from the JPEG Committee. “It has always been a strong goal of the JPEG committee that its standards should be implementable in their baseline form without payment of royalty and license fees, and the committee would like to record their disappointment that some organisations appear to be working in conflict with this goal…”

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  1. Man, oh, man -- wait until the estate of Ok Grog asserts its patent on "fire" and derived technologies. Then, the College of Heralds should have a claim for trademark infringement on "patent" (as in "letters patent", meaning an open proclamation "Know ye all and sundry…", which is what a commercial patent is).Stan Rogers#

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