Unequivocal Info: enforced ACLs


In Notes 4.x the “Enforce a consistent Access Control List across all replicas” flag could be removed by adding a line to one’s notes.ini file. This backdoor has been closed for some time now, so you need to do something else. The attached sub-routine (with supporting API-related functions) takes a full database path as its argument and then removes the flag. It’s based on code that’s already out there, I’ve just put it here so I don’t lose it. :-)

This code has been tested in Notes 5.0.11 and 6.5.1 on Windows XP Professional. It should work on most other configurations.



  1. Hello, How do you use this file?

    Thanks in advance.Mark#
  2. Thanks Ben!
    Just tested this in Notes 7.0 on XP where it also works fine.
    I had to restart Notes to actually be able to change the ACL (the checkbox showed up as unchecked wihout a restart needed).Max#

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