Extra-curricular activity

As well as being busy at work, I’ve been tinkering with BeeWiki, a wiki implementation written for Domino by Mark Lawson.

Screenshot of my tweaked BeeWiki in action

It’s a nicely written bit o’ work — I’ve just been tweaking it to provide more up-to-date HTML presentation and the like. More soon!


  1. And will you be sumbitting your improved HTML presnetation code back to the OpenNTF project Mr. Ben? :-)Bruce Elgort#
  2. But of course, if you'll have me ;-)Ben Poole#
  3. OK, this may be an EXTREMELY STUPID question. But just what the heck is a wiki anyways? If you ask me it looks like a blog.Keith Strickland#
  4. Not a stupid question, and yes, some people have used wikis as weblog tools (after a fashion). However, I would say that wikis are considerably different. These pages probably express the whys and wherefores better than I: Poole#
  5. To put in in the simplest possible terms, a Wiki is a database where everyone who has access has Editor access. Don't like what someone else posted? Change it. The theory is sound, but I don't particularly like the potential for malicious misuse. Keep out anonymous users and you can have a genuinely useful knowledge base.Stan Rogers#
  6. Hi

    Can you buy tunes from Itunes…? even though u are in uk?

    PaulPaul Bunnell#
  7. Nope. You have to have a US billling address for your credit card in order to be able to use the iTunes Music Store.

    Apple reckon they’ll have a European store towards the end of this year.Ben Poole#

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