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Via Charles Miller, this extremely handy bookmarklet prompts you for a class name, and then takes you straight to that class’s Javadoc. Fiendishly simple, and a splendid idea. Brought to us by


  1. Hmmm, I'm not impressed by it. It's a nice effort but it needs work doing to it. Example…. java.awt.List or java.util.List…. It takes you to the latter but there's no mention of the AWT ever existing.
    Jason Bell#
  2. Well, I *AM* impressed. Hey, maybe I'm easily impressed, but maybe that means I also get to appreciate more stuff :-) ..who knows? Either way I think this bookmarklet is very cool.Joe Litton#
  3. But so long as you fully distinguish the class, i.e. type in the full package it’s not a problem is it?Ben Poole#
  4. ben

    Would I be allowed a copy of your Template for blogsphere?

    PaulPaul B#
  5. Ben, even with a full class package name it's a problem.

    Try java.awt.List and java.util.List and see what happens.

    Jason Bell#
  6. Oh I already ranted about that…..
    Jason Bell#
  7. Sorry Jason, I’m lost: one of those brings up the javadoc for the java.util.List interface, the other brings up the java.awt.List class, which is what I would expect.

    Am I missing something?Ben Poole#
  8. Ben, I'm suffering from plotloss. Don't worry…. it works. My brain doesn't :-)
    Jason Bell#
  9. sorry, but for me it does not appear that terrible usefull:
    1. Everybody programming Java has the JavaDocs on his computer and open in some browser.
    2. In Eclipse you get java doc comment of methods and properties while typing in a little extra window. You can even link in documentation for external packages like notes.jar with little tweaking with project settings.
    3. type "java.util.List" in google. First link is allways Sun Documentation.

    Axel Janssen#
  10. Crikey, remind me never to release anything free to the Java community!Ben Poole#

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