Poole ++

The latest addition to the Poole family was born at 11.32 this evening. He weighed in (two weeks early) at 7lb 8oz.

Mother and son doing just fine, dad and big brothers pleased as punch. Bob Balaban should be pleased: mum wore a Looseleaf t-shirt for comfort. :-)


  1. Wow Ben, congratulations to you and yours! Have a cigar for all of us! :-)Colin Pretorius#
  2. Congratulations, Ben. Best wishes to your family.

    Have you made sure that the loop terminates? :-)Volker Weber#
  3. Congratulations. I wish you a lot of pleasure.
    Tobias Mueller#
  4. Lots and lots of congratulations to you and your family, Ben!Melissa Gena#
  5. Congrats, Ben!Duffbert#
  6. Congratulations again, mate. You truly are a machine.

    This weekend I got drunk (twice) mowed my lawn and washed the car. Oh the single life.

    What have you done? Well let's see.. you've seen your wife give birth to your third Poole-let, and still found time to update your blog, send me a link to the fantastic and reply to my reply..

    Make the most of your paternity leave - the Blog will be here when you get back!
  7. :-) Thanks for all the kinds words. Everyone is doing OK (though exhausted).

    Mike: I managed to mow the lawn here as well. And even updated the About… document at this site.

    Yes, I am that sad.

    Volker: great comment. I really need to look out for terminating that loop…

    Got some pictures already, so when I have spare moment in the middle of the night, I may well post something. Ta ta!Ben Poole#
  8. Congratulations Poole family. Another Mac user :-)Steve#
  9. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Poole!

    BruceBruce Elgort#
  10. Wow! Congrats to you and your wife. Too cool :-)Joe Litton#
  11. Congratulations to you and your wife, Ben.

    I think an iBook would be a good start….
    Justin Knol#
  12. Bravo. Better out than in, as they say. Roll on the 4th one ;->>spuggy#
  13. Oh congrats Ben!! He'll be playing the Chapman stick before you know it. :-)

    Love to you and the rest of your family!
    JessJess Stratton#
  14. Congrats to you and your family Ben!Ed Falcon#
  15. Congrats Ben!!Tony Kelleran#
  16. Hey Ben, Congrats man! and welcome to the non-sleep period again :-S

    PD: At least I'm not alone :oP

    Dominocode.NetAlex Hernandez#
  17. Sounds like you got the makings of a pop-rock trio. Will you be managing/promoting/produciong or just enjoying the revenues? : )Mac Guidera#
  18. Good idea Mac! You might want to check this out:

    :-) Ben Poole#
  19. congratulations Ben! Number three?? Do you know what's causing it? ;-)Ben Lampard#
  20. Congrats, Ben -- but I think it should have been ++Poole (unless the increment happened after the announcement) ;o)Stan Rogers#
  21. Congratulations!Ben Langhinrichs#
  22. LOL! Trust you Stan ;-)

    Ben (Lampard): no idea mate, but I shuld nip it in the bud eh? (Ouch)Ben Poole#
  23. I know I'm late to the party here, but like everyone else said: big congratulations. I'll try to sleep a little extra for you until about August…

    - Julian
    Julian Robichaux#
  24. Congrats Ben!

    "Nipping it in the bud" eh? Well, may the scalpel be sharp and the doctor be swift :-)

    Enjoy the little one and the time off (changing diapers, and not sleeping, and entertaining the eldest kids, etc. etc. etc.)

  25. Congrats to you and the Mrs., Ben! Now go get some sleep.

    PS That Julian is such a *nice* boy, always trying to help others. *snicker*Rob McDonagh#
  26. dude, congrats!! sounds like its getting deep in the poole…

  27. Benedict - congrats on the big news and on a great name choice.Ed Brill#
  28. Congrats Ben - I hope you get a little sleep at least.Steve Castledine#
  29. Congratulations and get good at one handed blogging as you hold the baby in the other hand.Sean Burgess#
  30. Already very good at one-handed ’blogging Sean…

    Ahem. Sorry, filthy joke.

    Anyway, it’s a good point: cradling a baby in one hand whilst typing with the other is interesting. I’m getting quite good at it ;-) Ben Poole#
  31. Best wishes from China! punky#

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