Eclipse 3.0M9

Now downloading…

Eclipse 3 Milestone 9 downloading in Firefox

Go and get yours! It’s 87MB sure, but hey, it’s better than downloading the trial for WSAD


  1. Thanks for the alarm ;-)

    Is on the wires directly to my computer too

    Dominocode.NetAlex Hernandez#
  2. crikey that's a slow download. they must be busy over there…

    i was just playing with 3.0m8. kinda funky. weird cursor behavior and whatnot. jonvon#
  3. IBM must be proud of WSAD. It has a list price of $4000 US. On the other hand, Eclipse is free!Greg#
  4. Hmm, M9 seems a bit flaky compared to M8. I've been using M8 for the last month or so without any issues, but M9 seems to have these "pauses" while it thinks about stuff. I run my Workspace off a USB memory key thing and it's not accessing it during the pause, it's just sitting there. M8 was prefectly fine running off the key.

    With regards to WSAD, i've played with it and if you're doing web development (ie. Servlets / JSP) it's brilliant. It's basically Eclipse 2.0 with the WSAD "plugins" to support web elements, a built in Websphere server for testing, ability to easily wrap your project up in a WAR, etc etc.. not to mention all the J2EE stuff which is a pain to do manually. Of course i've managed to use M8 to do a small web project too, just means I don't get syntax highlighting in my JSPs and I had to make my own build.xml to create the WAR file for deployment.

    $4,000 is nothing for a company given how much more productive you are when doing web apps with WSAD vs plain Eclipse. Hopefully this will be what we need: however I doubt it will be usable anytime soon :(Marcin#
  5. We're a small company and use Apache Tomcat (free) and IntelliJ IDEA ($500). They work very well together. If we ever need Websphere, I'd probably switch to WSAD.Brian#

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