So, out of interest (nothing else mind…) I took a look at a recent analysis of Lotus contract rates in the UK. Very poor. Contractor UK recently compared Lotus / IBM rates with Microsoft ones. Makes for quite interesting reading:

What about rates? Not fantastic, I’m afraid. Average rates for Lotus generally (but bear in mind this could include lower-paid support staff) are hanging around the £20/hr mark at the moment. Notes rates are very similar. Domino rates have been a little higher, hovering around the mid-30s between November and March, but then dipped down to £26 in April.
But how does this compare to rates for the equivalent Microsoft products? — And don’t start arguing about whether these products can or can’t be considered equivalents — okay? Rates for Microsoft Exchange contractors have hit a peak of £44/hr in March but are dipping again.

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  1. Pretty bleak. Even more depressing is comparing Notes to Websphere rates…Colin Pretorius#
  2. Ooh yeah. Websphere rates are much better. But then, if you’re a contractor who wants to learn that stuff, you have to shell out big bucks to do so (£2,739 for WSAD here in the UK).

    I can’t see a valid employment future in Notes alone unless you’re one very bright individual delivering a compelling product range like Ben Langhinrichs. It just doesn’t pay enough in this expensive country; I regularly see permanent jobs in Notes requiring a considerable list of skills for just £20 - £30 grand.

    So, I think it’s time to really broaden the ole’ skills base - especially since I want to do more code on my Mac rather than Stinky: Notes doesn’t offer a thing in that regard.Ben Poole#
  3. Lumme. This is a good one: Poole#
  4. Heavens. What other skills would they like?

    "Ability to raise the dead and make things levitate would guarantee you the position."Colin Pretorius#
  5. Relax! OLE is truly the work of satan. Anyone who gets that job deserves it :-)Brendon Upson#

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