Puakma Eclipse plug-in

Erwin van Hunen tells us that exciting things are happening and he’s not wrong: Martin Novak is writing a Puakma plug-in for Eclipse. Excellent stuff!


  1. Hi everybody !

    We would be happy to announce the coming beta release of Puakma plugin for Eclipse. Nowadays it gets ported to Eclipse 3.0 and will be available for testing soon :-).

    Brendon and me we are going to start several open source Puakma projects … aiming to build set of Domino like out of the box templates (disc db, teamroom, doclibrary, project management etc.) but wit Java/Puakma and MySQL in the backend. If you are interested in writing complex Java web apps without all the J2EE masthodont rubbish, come on board!

    Best Regards

    Ivan PetruvIvan Petruv#

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