New article!

Now normally I’d just let the RSS feed tell you, but — gasp — I’ve published a new article, Seven testing tips, and as far as my recent output goes, that is news!

This article is the unedited version of one I originally wrote for e-Pro Magazine, but they did their big change o’ direction thing just as I was about to submit the piece. Doh! Anyway, see what you think. It’s not really aimed at the hoary ole’ coders amongst you, but I hope it is still of interest. As always, comments and constructive criticism welcome! (like I say, unedited so there’s bound to be a howler in there somewhere).

Talking of e-Pro Magazine, be sure to check out The Lotus Informer — looks good, although Libby talks about Workplace in it, so that’s bound to get someone’s hackles up… [smiley PokeTongue]


  1. Does that mean I'm never to talk about Workplace in my developer tips newsletter? :-)Duffbert#
  2. Absolutely not. :-D Ben Poole#

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