Firefox updated

Firefox iconVersion 0.9 (release candidate) of Mozilla Firefox has been released. I’ve downloaded it and it seems pretty good. I use the EditCSS, LinkToolBar and Web Developer extensions — the only one that doesn’t seem happy is EditCSS, but I’ll tinker some more just to make sure.

The default theme in Firefox has changed, and interestingly looks a little Mac-like. For example, when loading a page, the tab animation looks like this, which is very similar to the “Loading…” animation in OS X:

New default Firefox theme showing Mac-like loading icon in tab

Changes in this release include re-jigging preferences, lots of handy user interface tweaks (right-click to copy images and so forth), and a new theme. A comprehensive summary can be found on Neil Turner’s site.

Other software updates? Well, yesterday Apple updated iTunes to 4.6 in readiness for supporting Airport Express, which is insanely simple, and looks insanely great. :-)


  1. Hi Ben

    cannot seem to find Firefox 0.9 anywhere - I did find a link in Google to the download but the actual download is then 0.8 - could you post the correct link please?

    Thank you
  2. They haven’t updated the Firefox product page is all. Just go to the front page at and hey presto, the download is right there.Ben Poole#
  3. Hi Ben,
    Why on earth are you using editcss if you are also using web developer?
    if you download jslib you can also save your edited css local.

  4. Good question Rolf: I have no idea :-) I started using EditCSS before I tried Web Developer… I guess I just hadn’t taken in the Web Developer sidebar options. So that’s OK then!Ben Poole#

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