Amusing place names

If you’re a reader in the UK, try this out: Amusing places close to you. Here are mine:

Cock Clarks
Gay Bowers
Dancing Dicks
Pratt’s Bottom
Pett Bottom
Mincing Lane

Great stuff, and spot on. In fact, I walk down Mincing Lane (no laughing at the back there) en route to work most days, and I’ve often seen Thong sign-posted whilst out driving.

Via Boing Boing.


  1. Mine are mostly dull!>

    Butthole Lane
    Foul End
    Bishops Itchington
    Titty Ho
    Hole in the Wall
    Butt Mound
    Jughole wood
    Lickey EndSteve Castledine#
  2. There are just too many in Canada to even give it a go -- no server could survive. From Dildo, Newfoundland, through St. Louis du Ha!Ha!, Québec, to Wannapeepee, Ontario, Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo-Jump, Saskatchewan to the Klondike mining towns of the Yukon, it's obvious that our country was explored and settled by people who were booted from their motherlands not (as Australia was) for being poor or petty criminals, but for being unrepentant smart-arses.Stan Rogers#
  3. LOL ! Steve, some crackers there, I wouldn’t worry, and Stan - great stuff. One of Bill Bryson's books (Mother Tongue possibly?) has a chapter devoted to rude place names in the US of A.

    And finally, there’s this recent news story: Poole#
  4. We all had a good laugh in the office when we saw that article on ananova the other day. If it had been 1st of April then it would have made sense - the other village/town names mentioned are so funny - and typical brits to nick the signs!Steve Castledine#
  5. Don't forget 'The Meaning of Liff" by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd. Dodgy place names with humourous descriptions.

    I was going to lament not being able to remember a single one from the book, but google knows all. Justin Knol#

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