Why, the open sauce!

After playing stroppy uncle with Bruce and Nathan in the early days (anyone remember, it would appear that IBM are keen on re-writing history with regards open-source initiatives in the Lotus world. Craig Lordan has this to say about the LDD Sandbox:

“It’s a neat way to show how Lotus customers are doing things,” he said. “A lot of the things there are offshoots from discussions between users about what kind of new functionality they want. They put something together and share it with everyone else,” Lordan said. “We really want to encourage that kind of open-source feel.”

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I don’t mean to whinge — the Sandbox is a splendid resource and it’s great to see IBM recognising the value of open-source (Eclipse anyone?) — but come on, credit where credit’s due: OpenNTF is where it’s really at with regards OSS in Notes.

(Incidentally I cleaned the quote up a little: the c|net article’s grammar and punctuation left a little to be desired).

Via Ed Brill.


  1. here here sir, good post! you stroppy uncle you!

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