There’s been talk about Wuhsad over at Spuggy’s place: chit-chat about portlets and related fol-de-rol. Now, we all know that WSAD is expensive, and requires a bit of a beast to run properly, but who knew this??

Genuine WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD) uninstall dialog

Yes, that’s right: WSAD takes approximately 28 days to uninstall. Criminy!


  1. Simply priceless. Let's hope M$ doesn't find it and include it their "The Boss Love Lotus so where does that leave Microsoft" presentations. ;-)Bruce Elgort#
  2. It may take 28 days to uninstall but it takes 28 months to get up and running!

    It's driving me WMAD! %-)The Old Git#
  3. To be fair, this phenomenon is related to the underlying OS rather than Wuhsad. There is an issue with the way many progress dialogs are coded in Windoze, I was reading about it just the other day. And now, for the life of me, I can’t find the post…

    This comes close though - it was definitely something to do with memory allocations and wot-not:
    For file copy dialogs, the progress bar should always be accurate, at least in xp. In the 9x opperating system, I believe the 2 gig datatype boundry (32 bit) caused 9x file copy dialogs to become innaccurate after transferring more than 2 gigs. (2^32 = 4 billion, the computer also allows this number to be negative, so it stretches from -2 billion to 2 billion.)
    Ben Poole#
  4. Just seen this at Rob Novak’s site - I am not alone! Poole#

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