Lots of balls in the air

No, not talking about the football ;-). Work’s frantic at the moment, lots of things going on, which is all good. I’m currently building on some excellent work undertaken by “the two Johns” — Messrs Barrow and Marshall — which is pretty interesting. It’s a collaborative website with a fair few doo-dads incorporated in it: ActiveX XML objects a-plenty, oodles of Javascript and a graphical poll. Splendid. We also have Sametime integration and wot-not in our sights.

Whilst all that is going on, I am wrestling daily with a recaltricant Domino server running 5.0.5 (urgh). It insists on terminating the HTTP task three to four times a day, and to make matters worse I have had to get DIIOP up and running on the little beast. A grim undertaking in anything less than Notes 6. I shall post my findings on the wiki once I’ve finished that application off. I now have some real-world experience to add to the DIIOP post I wrote back in January!

Which brings me to today’s find: whilst researching various weird and wonderful DIIOP error messages over at Bob Balaban’s excellent Looseleaf forum I noticed that Bob has published a piece all about writing Domino Java code in WSAD.:

Writing Domino Java Agents Using Websphere Studio.


  1. Yeah -- that's been running in Lotus Advisor for a few issues now. The Two-Headed Beast (a main method for WSAD, NotesMain for Domino) is the key (works in regular ol' Eclipse, too, and probably in any decent IDE). Get that right and you get Domino Java code editing and a real IDE at the same time. No need to wait for Domino Designer 8.5.2!Stan Rogers#

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