Joshua Bloch leaves Sun

I hear that Joshua Bloch has left Sun to work for some bunch called “Google”. Word on the street is that Google are going to be the next big thing, so here’s hoping they derive maximum benefit from Bloch’s awesome brain!

For those wondering who Bloch is, he is one of the minds behind the Sun Java libraries, and wrote the excellent (and very readable) Effective Java — a recommended read even for relative newbies like myself.

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  1. I take it then, AC, that you haven't looked at Tiger (1.5.0) yet….Stan Rogers#
  2. You mean Java 5.0!Marcin#
  3. Yeah, I guess I do (he said grudgingly). If 1.2 can be Java 2®, then 1.5 can be Java 5®. S'all marketing.Stan Rogers#

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